January 2015

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Protecting Your Intellectual Property

It takes an investment of time and resources to bring an idea to the marketplace. Beyond the creative spark, it takes significant commitment and hard work to build what you envision.  Trademarks, copyrights, and patents: Each play a role in protecting and advancing business growth. 

Private Facebook messages without Privacy? You Knew that Didn't You?

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Privacy concerns are not fairing well overall when it comes to protecting social media users. And as I tell clients and friends, it's those pesky privacy policies and terms of use that perpetuate a general lack of understanding as to exactly what the user is giving up in exchange for the social media fun. And, even for consumers who attempt to understand the policies...at the end of all those pages of legalease... the user is left with a Hobson's choice. Take it or leave it. Thus, part of the problem is a terribly obvious one.